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When a Client Falls for a Toronto Escort by Ava Rose

The first client to maintain genuine love for me as far as getting married was around 9 years ago. How about we call him Jim. This occurred when I lived abroad. In those days, I was an exceptionally young woman who did not completely see how basic issues of the heart were. I had met this customer Jim once, and afterward unconsciously I established such a connection, to the point that he rapidly turned into an incessant and liberal consistent customer. He was nice, kind hearted and liberal — so I rapidly started to appreciate his conversation as a customer. Since he came to see me so regularly, I in the long run ended up noticeably agreeable to go out with him freely. We began going to meals and dramatic shows together. To me, Jim was only a customer and a beautiful person company’s identity’s cheerful — however nothing more. Yet, for him, it was considerably more. I was youthful and careless, be that as it may, to his goals. It didn’t jump out at me until the point that later that he was ruining me with the expectations of winning my heart.

Amid this time, I had additionally met my ex as a customer. My ex, be that as it may, was somebody I really felt associated as well — and rapidly we turned into a couple and after that began living respectively. Once my ex and I began living respectively, I remove all non-business correspondence with Jim. What’s more, rapidly, I chose to suddenly end business relations with him as well. I was possessed with my ex, so I felt seeing Jim was excessively time and exertion. It was now, I was stunned to find the hurt I, accidentally, incurred upon Jim — Jim had the possibility that I was developing nearer to him and we would settle together. He began appearing at my home or at the house of ill-repute I worked at, sitting tight for me. I was startled and stunned, in light of the fact that I had zero affections for him and just thought of him as like some other customer –the just special case was that I was nearer to him as a customer since I saw him so much of the time. Jim had the best of goals, however he mixed up my benevolence for something genuine, which made him freeze when I all of a sudden dropped him. It was my blame for neglecting to layout my goals towards him. Thinking back all things considered, I ought to have taken signals of his want for me — and in addition, I ought to have expressed right off the bat how I was not inspired by anything past a customer escort relationship. In any case, once more, I was youthful and knew nothing about issues of the heart, so I was guiltlessly unconscious. This was a colossal learning lesson for me, and a lesson despite everything I need to apply until today: make your aims clear from right off the bat, and never play with somebody’s heart.

This case with Jim happened when I was exceptionally youthful. I had no aim to delude somebody or play with their feelings at all — it is my greatest dread until today to abuse somebody’s heart. I have committed errors and caused torment in reality. However, I, as well, know the torment of trickiness, so it would consume my heart to deliberately cheat somebody. I was just unmindful at my beginning of escorting on the most proficient method to manage customers who ended up noticeably joined or began to look all starry eyed at.

And after that the tale of my ex and I — once more, I was youthful and innocent while I was with him. I loved him, yet I didn’t know of what I needed all through our relationship. I was frightened to settle down so youthful with him, and therefore, I attempted to abandon him various circumstances at an opportune time in our relationship. Out of affection, I felt it was out of line to remain with him when my heart didn’t know of what it needed. However, whenever I communicated my want to abandon him, I saw his eyes and felt like a Mother deserting her kid. This was my first genuine connection, so I didn’t know the principles or the outcomes of affection. Quick forward two years, I wound up abandoning him. I was uncertain of what I needed all through our whole relationship — I was harmed with contemplations of the ‘grass being greener’ while with him. He longed for marriage and family, and I executed that fantasy for him. It was all unexpected. Just years after the fact, once I confronted dismissal myself, I understood how risky love is when there is no structure or ethical quality to control it.

Presently, the cases above shows how being careless and oblivious are a piece of being youthful. It is trusted that one will in the end learn sympathy (the capacity to consider the feelings of others) which recognizes them from adolescence into adulthood. Unfortunately, a few people have no feeling of sympathy — they murder souls and feel no regret. Be that as it may, others learn through experimentation. I must be simply the neglecter and be fail to take in the profitable lesson of sympathy in affection: don’t play with someones heart, don’t utilize somebody, don’t make discharge guarantees and all the more significantly, be clear with your aims.

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How to Tell If She’s Satisfied… or Not by Ava Rose

As a professional courtesan every single time I walk into a man’s private space whether it be for one hour or for a romantic evening the most interesting thing i find is that all though I’m there for their pleasure, they always want to know how to please me and send me home satisfied. I must admit, after being in this profession for just a little bit, it’s hard to satisfy a girl like me.

I have done it all, experienced it all and if I still haven’t been introduce to it, I’m certainly working on finding the right client to experiment.

So… how do you send me home satisfied? How do you send any escort home satisfied, you want to be special don’t you?? So here’s the advise I can give you to be that one special guy.

Well gentlemen, listen up… because this advise does not only apply to only seeing elite courtesans like me, but to also your one-night-stands, your short or long-term girlfriends, or hopefully your ever long lasting love.

One of the biggest reasons relationships end, is because of the end of affection and not being satisfied. We all know, sex is an extremely important part of any type of relationship. So…. put your phone on silent… shut the door tightly and pay very careful attention to the next few following whispers…

Every woman is different, this is the first and foremost thing you should know. As much as you all like to think, we all get pleased by the same thing – we really do not. This is one of the things that makes men and women different from each other. Women are more mental, thus their needs are satisfied very differently from each other… some like it very sensual… some like it more aggressive… some like me are a bit vicious…some like roll-play, some like to mix it up and this one last very important part that you all will be very shocked to find out, believe it or not, we don’t all have orgasms the same way either. So my advise to you is to spend a few minutes getting to know your woman and what pleases her. Trust me your woman will appreciate that. How to do it, very simple, poor her a glass of wine, spend a minute or two to get to know her and make her very comfortable, and then ask her while looking her in the eyes so she can believe your sincerity in you:’what pleases me most is to send you home fully pleased. So tell me, how can I satisfy you tonight?’

And gentleman it is that complicated and yet that simple… cause believe me… if you have already made her feel comfortable with you, then she will tell you without a hesitation. Because gentlemen most women out there are not satisfied with their sexual life.

For me personally, I like to start on top, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl and then finish in doggy style. That’s the way I have the most ultimate orgasm, I also like to point out that I like to start a bit slow and sensual and then get a bit rough by the end of it. So start by treating me like a lady at the beginning and then man handle me as you finish me off.

So… tell me… the gentleman that’s reading this article… how did you satisfy your woman tonight?

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How does one hire a Toronto Escort? by Ava Rose

If you are in Toronto or planning to visit our great city and would like to hire an escort, here’s the simple step-by-step instructions:

  1. First you would search the web using various keywords like, “High Class Escort” or “Toronto Escort Agency”
  2. Next you would either call, text and email the agency to inquire about her availability
  3. The agency would then let you know when she’s available
  4. If she’s available during the hours that work out for you, the two of you would then arrange a place to meet. Most high class escorts prefer to meet in an upscale hotel
  5. Note that majority of high class escorts do not offer anything unsafe that could jeopardize her health in any way. If you’re partying and would like her to indulge with you, be sure to mention that on the phone to ensure she’s okay with that.
  6. Next you would then book her time and confirm your address, or hotel address and provide your suite number
  7. You would then meet at the location.
  8. You would pay the whole amount upfront.

Congratulations you have hired an escort!

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20 Sexy Role Play Ideas From High Class Toronto Escorts by Ava Rose

You won’t be able to keep your hands off each other, according to our high class Toronto Escorts.

Being in a healthy long-term relationship is wonderful. It means you always have someone there for you — to be your best friend, your shoulder to cry on and permanent dinner date. Best of all? You always have someone to have sex with.

The one drawback to sleeping with the same person over and over and over again is that it’s easy to get stuck in a routine. Luckily, there are tons of ways to change it up, without going too far outside of your comfort zone. From new positions to new places, sex never has to get boring. One way to shake it up a bit? Role play.

Taking on a new identity in the bedroom might sound a little daunting at first, but it’s fun — promise!

Here are 20 role play ideas to get you started.

1. The Repairman

You’ve got a leak to fix and your partner’s the only one who’s got the right wrench. (OK, OK, I can hear the eye rolls — but this one is surprisingly fun and simple for beginners!)

2. Professor/Student

For anybody who had a little teacher fetish in their early twenties, this role playing situation is more fun than cliche.

3. Stripper

Pick your favorite sexy song, slide on some lacy lingerie, then sway your hips and let yourself give the perfect lap dance.

4. Porn Star

Pick a porn you both like and reenact it together.

5. On-Camera Porn Stars

Kick the previous idea up a notch and actually film yourselves having sex. Not only will it turn you both on, it will ensure you two will be at the top of your game.

6. Cheerleader/Football Player

If you’re already trying out the porn star thing, you might as well try a role playing situation familiar to it!

7. Strangers At A Bar

Arrive separately to the same bar, flirt a little bit with other people, then eventually go and talk to one another like you’re strangers. This will get the feelings flowing as you start to remember exactly what drew you to each other in the first place.

8. Dominant/Submissive…

Do a bit of playful spanking and some light hair-pulling to determine if you want to go further.

9. …Then Switch!

One of the best things about having sex with somebody you love is that you two can explore your options together. Of course, if one isn’t comfortable with a specific role, then certainly don’t push yourselves into it, but if you are feeling flexible, changing it up could be fun.

10. Role-Reversal

Is your partner usually on top? Then this time, you take over the upper role and dictate the conversation your bodies are having.

11. Your Favorite Movie

Regardless of what it is, if you two have a sex scene or film you find particularly entrancing, act it out with one another and see how it feels.

12. Crooner

If one of you is particularly good at singing, you could try doing a little private performance featuring a seductive song. For example, nobody could resist the charms of Portishead’s “Glory Box” no matter how hard they try.

13. Fireman

It is a well-known fact that everyone who has ever worked for every fire department ever has been unreasonably hot.

14. The Control Freak

Have one of you lie down and the other do whatever he or she wants — kissing, licking, even light tickling — until the person lying on the bed is begging for more.

15. Client/Call Girl

Let your partner list exactly what he or she wants as you act like like a call girl who’s there to cater to their every need.

16. Hollywood Starlet

You play the sexy star and your partner can be your secret admirer. Do your hair, do your makeup, put yourself in a fancy gown and let your inner diva nature go wild.

17. Chef And Server

Don’t make just any dishes — only make foods you can feed to your partner by hand.

18. Masseuse

Snag some sexy massage oil, light a few candles and give one another massages until you’re both feeling smooth, silky and ready to be touched further.

19. Voyeur

Watch your partner masturbate for an extended period of time to increase tension and enjoy the view.

20. Exhibitionists

Speaking of enjoying the view, if you two are into the idea of being watched, imagine you have a little audience made up of people you both find hot.

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The New Rules of Dating by Ava Rose

If you’re in the dating game you need to know that the goalposts have moved. The good news is that it’s to your advantage…if you know how to play by the new rules.

In sex, just like sports, it pays to play by the rules. But sometimes the rules just aren’t working. In football, o„fficials moved the restraining line from the 30-yard line to the 35, with the intention of increasing touchbacks. And in basketball, officials dumped the no-dunk rule after fans complained that it made play less exciting. Well, now it’s time to dump some obsolete dating rules, too…if you want to win. Play by these new rules and you’ll score again and again.

OLD: Checking women out.
NEW: Women checking men out.
● Think your zipper’s undone? It’s not. Women are just busy ogling what’s on offer. “Most women would probably say they don’t stare at men’s bodies in the same way men do women, but they’re mistaken,” says sex therapist Ian Kerner, author of She Comes First. Using eye-tracking technology, scientists from the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction found that women are actually more likely to have wandering eyes than men. Women not only spent less time looking at a man’s face (when compared with men looking at women); they also moved more quickly onto his other body parts.

Just don’t make the false assumption that you have a get-out-of-jail-free card to start doing the same. “Women like to be admired, not ogled,” says Pam Spurr, author of Steamy Sex: The Sex Doctor’s Guide To Keeping It Hot. “So take in her breasts or legs, but don’t dwell on them.” And make the most of your assets, too. “Wear well-fitting shirts, and don’t be shy about using your jeans to show off whatever nature gave you.”

OLD: Online dating.
NEW: Mobile dating.
● Online dating made it easy to cast a wide dating net. Trouble is, you’d end up hooking a lot of fish you had no appetite for. Mobile dating apps allow you to see who’s online and in the vicinity, improving your chances of landing a really good catch. It also means every night is “date night.” So the way it used to work—with time to plan what you’d wear, where you’d take her, and so on—has changed.
Be ever ready. Keep a change of clothes at work, along with some deodorizing wipes and mouthwash, because who knows what’s in store. “Sometimes women, like men, drop their standards so they can get what they want sooner,” Kerner says. “So if a gorgeous woman is on the hunt for a date and you can respond quickly, you might strike it lucky with a woman who’s actually way out of your league.”

OLD: Talking Dirty.
NEW: Sexting.
● Talking dirty had one major advantage over sexting—you got to see her response. “Whisper in a woman’s ear that you’d love to see her naked and she’ll probably either sti‹ffen and move away slightly, or giggle and blush,” Kerner says. “The way she responds physically provides a wealth of clues. But with texting, you’ve got only her words to go on.” And even then she has more time to consider her response, giving her more control over the situation. That’s why you have to take extra care with the timing and content of your texts. And that includes—ahem—“self-portraits.”

Take the initiative but then let the lady lead the way. “Send a subtle but suggestive text to start with,” Kerner says. “And then let her set the filth level. Never go beyond the level she’s at; otherwise you risk turning her off.”

OLD: Dating One Woman At a Time.
NEW: Multi-Dating.
● Back in the day, there was only one type of steak on every menu: beef. Now you can try venison steak, tuna steak, even tofu steak… And it’s the same with dates. Online and mobile dating have expanded the menu. Now you can see as many women as you can fit into your schedule. Sounds great, doesn’t it? But read the small print: The same rules apply to women. She may be multi-dating you.

Stay on track. “If you want to avoid getting a bad reputation, stick to one date a night, don’t contact other women while on a date, and make sure you make a note of who’s who so you don’t use the wrong name,” Kerner says. “And don’t flip out if you discover she’s been multi-dating you, too.”

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Sex + a Nap = the Snap! by Ava Rose

An afternoon quickie followed by a snooze? It’s a health-boosting combo.

Leave it to country music star Carrie Underwood to combine the two best damn things that go down in the bedroom – sex and napping – into the latest pleasure-seeking trend: the Snap! (At least, that’s what coined it in a recent interview with E!) Not only does this back-to-back lazy Sunday (or any day) activity sound ideal, but science proves it has some mind-body benefits.

When you’re connecting with your partner, your cortisol (or stress hormone) levels decrease and feel-good  chemicals, like oxytocin and dopamine, increase – all of which relaxes your mind and sets you up for a snooze, says women’s health specialist Saralyn Mark, MD

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My girlfriend and I are ambitious and want to orgasm together. by Ava Rose

Although it does help that you two are working with the same equipment – so you have a better gauge of what she might like – that’s not going to cut it. “Everyone, regardless of gender, has a different sexual arousal barometer,” says Dr. Rss. In other words, stimulation that revs you up quickly may not work as fast for your girlfriend. The key to finding where you two O-verlap? Communication…and positioning, of course. Lie on your sides, face-to-face, and rub each other’s clitoris with your fingers, Dr. Ross suggests. With your faces that close, you can take breaks from making out to inform each other of how close you are in climaxing…until you both can’t talk at all.

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Get Into The Groove by Ava Rose

What’s even more important than a hot position in the bedroom? A steady beat, baby! Learn the tempo technique that will have you hitting a high note every time.

Whether your partner is a brand-new mate or so familiar you could sketch his nether regions from memory, you want to establish one crucial thing during sex: a flow that can get you both off. New research shows that rhythmic stimulation—aka hitting the same spots at a consistent speed and pace—can heighten your senses and focus during the deed. You know that trance like state you fall into while dancing or doing yoga? Like that. Except, in this case, it is totally erotic and can culminate in your biggest climax yet. Grab your guy and start perfecting your sexual timing with these expert pointers.

Sync Your Libidos

To find bedroom synchronicity, you’ll first have to choose a good time. For men, testosterone builds up overnight—which is why they’re usually all about a.m. sex, says Alisa Vitti, a functional nutritionist and founder of the virtual hormone health center Women’s hormones, on the other hand, fluctuate within our menstrual cycles. On the days you’re ovulating, estrogen and testosterone are at peak levels, fueling your desire and down­there lubrication, says Vitti, so that’s the optimal time to be on the same libidinous page as your man. At other moments, compromise is key. Try hav­ing sex on a stroll-in-late-to-work weekday morning when you have the energy to put something besides a bagel inside you. The next day, do it after work, and set the scene right when you get home, suggests sex therapist Holly Richmond, PhD. “Light some candles and have a glass of wine.”

A little flirting also goes a long way. “My husband is “Let’s have sex after we get in bed’ person” says Gaby, 26 from Toronto, Ontario. She helps him get on her earlier horny schedule by warming him up during dinner. “I’ll kiss him while he’s washing dished or bend over a lot while I’m cooking” she says. Over time, such small, suggestive moves can help line up your sec drives.

Match Your Breathing

Focusing on your breath keeps you connected to and in control of your body. In the same way, dovetailing your airflow patterns with your dude’s can help you naturally regulate the pace of your romps. Start in a tight position, like spooning, where you can easily coordinate breaths, then have him thrust to the speed of your inhales and exhales, suggests Richmond. If he breaks that pace and starts wildly jackhammering (hello, darkness, my old friend), reach back and grab his hips to direct him. Staying in stride is the trick to crossing the finish line at the same time. Need an assist? Stimulate your clitoris to the same beat. “I’ll get in cowgirl and touch myself as my boyfriend moves inside me,” says Laura 27, from Etobicoke. It always sends me over the edge.”

Add More Rhythm

Picture pushing someone on a swing for a long time. After a while, the movement becomes so automatic, you kinda lose your sense of awareness and just focus on the push-push-push, right? Well, the same repeated back-and-forth during sex is what leads to that euphoric state that moves all other thoughts out of your mind. making it easier to orgasm. Listening to music can help you nail this swing method because you can time your thrusts and beats. Plus women ranked good tunes as arousing as hearing X-rated moaning or visualizing fantasy scenarios, per one study. Other research shows that rhythm of a sexy song can help keep your mind in the moment.

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How to Treat a Woman Right: 15 Ways to Make Her Want to Stay by Ava Rose

Ever wonder why your ladies keep leaving you? Here are some ways to treat a woman right and make her want to stay.

Girls don’t really put up with being treated like crap. We may give you a few chances to right your wrongs, and that can be mistaken for tolerating unfair behavior. But we really won’t stay with a man if he doesn’t know how to treat a woman right.

While treating your significant other in a way that reflects that you love and care about them should be common knowledge, some people just don’t know how to do it.

Some people – particularly guys – *although I won’t deny that some girls are also bad at this* just can’t treat someone that matches how much they care about them.

Why do people treat their partner like crap?

Most of the time, this isn’t something that’s done on purpose. The general population isn’t out to be mean to someone they supposedly care about. However, some do so because they just aren’t sure HOW to do it right.

Some guys don’t realize how different girls are. This means they treat their woman how they may want to be treated, but girls don’t like the same things guys do. For the most part, treating their partner like crap isn’t done on purpose.

How to treat a woman right and make her want to stay

If you want your girl to stick around for the long haul, then you have to treat her in a way that makes her want to stay. It’s not going to be something that comes naturally to most guys, and it’ll take some getting used to, but you can learn how to treat her right.

This is how to treat a woman right and make her want to stay with you for as long as she lives. Just remember that each girl is different and may want different things, but for the majority, this is how they want to be treated.

#1 Be honest with her. Honesty is one of the first things that should be put in place if you want to treat your girl right. Lying will only make her realize that she’s being treated like crap – and no girl wants to be with a liar. So be honest with her about your feelings, likes/dislikes, and really everything.

#2 Listen to her. And I mean REALLY listen to her. Don’t just sit there and nod along to whatever it is she’s saying. If you really want to know how to treat your woman right, you have to listen to the things she wants.

Pay attention to what she’s saying because it will reveal everything you need to know about how to treat her.

#3 Trust her. Girls can tell when their boyfriends don’t trust them. We can just sense it, and we HATE if we’re not trusted. If there’s not a reason for you to not trust her, then you have to show that you trust her if you want to make her stay.

#4 Don’t hide anything from her. Obviously, you’re going to have certain things that you want to be private, and that’s perfectly fine and normal. However, you shouldn’t purposely hide anything important from her.

If you have an ugly past that you’re not happy about, then tell her now because she will find out about it eventually. If you’re hiding something, she’ll know it, and she will feel as though she can’t trust you – which will make her want to leave.

#5 Show your appreciation daily. Guys have a habit of not thinking they need to show their women how much they appreciate them. They think that once is enough, but it’s not.

We need reminding of why you chose us over all other girls. Don’t forget to show this if you want to treat your girl right. When learning how to treat a woman, this simple step can work wonders.

#6 Openly communicate with her. Girls like to communicate, and guys just don’t feel the need to because they’re not that type of person. But your girl is, and if you want her to stay, you have to communicate with her and keep that line of communication open and clear.

#7 Take care of your own responsibilities. I know this doesn’t seem like it has anything to do with treating your girl right, but hear me out. When you aren’t responsible, leave your place a mess, and can’t even handle your own life, she’s going to feel like she has to do it for you. And that’s not fair, so she’ll begin to resent you.

#8 Pay attention to her attitude. Many girls’ attitudes directly relate to how you’re treating her or how she’s feeling. If she’s short with you all day and not very conversational, it means she’s having a rough day.

Use these little clues in order to adjust how you’re treating her that day to make her happier.

#9 Be respectful of everything that has to do with her. Respect her life, her family, her friends, and even her exes. Being a respectful boyfriend is something that’s VERY admirable, and she’ll feel as though you respect her through having respect for all those aspects in her life.

#10 Support her! I’m not saying that you have to buy her everything and support her in that sense at all. In fact, she should never rely 100% on you to support her. Instead, you should support her goals, dreams, and aspirations.

#11 Be a romantic… occasionally. Girls love romance. There’s just no way around this. If you want to know how to treat a woman right and make her stay, you have to be romantic from time to time. Planning a really nice surprise dinner for her once a month and taking her out somewhere she loves is all it really takes.

#12 Be intimate with her. No, I’m not just talking about sex here, although making sure she’s satisfied in that department will only help. But I’m talking about being intimate in an emotional way with her. Open up to her and show her that you have a real emotional side.

Being sensitive and open about your feelings will make her feel special, like she’s unlocked that special thing within you – which will make her want to stay.

#13 Tell her how you feel sometimes. I know this isn’t always easy for guys, and girls find it a lot easier to talk about feelings. But you do have to talk about them if you want to treat your girl right and make her stay. This is one of the most important things when learning how to treat a woman.

#14 Let her spend time with you and your friends. That’s not to say that she should be the only girl around when it’s just a guys’ night, but she should be included in your friend group.

By making sure she’s accepted and involved with your friends, she’ll really feel like a bigger part of your life and that’s a great way to treat your girl.

#15 Be friends with her friends. This is not to say that you should be texting them and planning hang outs with them because that can be seen as something COMPLETELY different, but you should make an effort to make sure her friends like you.

If she sees that you’re making an effort to fit into her life, she’ll never want to leave.

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Escorts in Toronto by Ava Rose

Escorts in Toronto present quality and attention. Exclusive escort services can be found by you in Toronto, Mississauga, London and other large cities in Ontario. They provide beautiful, intelligent and charming girls who’ll accompany you everywhere. The companion girls provide their private companies and they’ll accompany one to a wonderful supper, a business event, along with for some hours in private. As you’ve the chance to savor within an journey that you’ll always remember, a person. The woman can satisfy all of your desires. Are thinking about that the attention is fully guaranteed. Nevertheless, the companions also rely on your attention. Girls are real and your desires will be fulfilled by them. Pick a woman based on your choices and she’ll accompany you to an intimate dinner; a business event where you wish to keep a good impression; and for a couple of hours in close environment. Each Ontario city is just a social, political and economical center which attracts lots of people.

Which means that there are functions, various conferences and celebrations transpiring in the towns every single day. Having a nice-looking, beautiful and superior organization to a sociable occasion is considerate. Good manners are provided by the escorts, trustworthiness, satisfactory and wonderful look. Each girl has humor, sophistication, and sophisticated manners. They are all amazingly gorgeous, but they also have great celebrities. Select a lady which will make every monotonous event worth browsing. Relax and count on the solutions of the lady you choose. The escort fulfills every regular which means that you will be at peace and simply appreciate her in the organization of a charming woman.

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