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How to Tell If She’s Satisfied… or Not by Ava Rose

As a professional courtesan every single time I walk into a man’s private space whether it be for one hour or for a romantic evening the most interesting thing i find is that all though I’m there for their pleasure, they always want to know how to please me and send me home satisfied. I must admit, after being in this profession for just a little bit, it’s hard to satisfy a girl like me.

I have done it all, experienced it all and if I still haven’t been introduce to it, I’m certainly working on finding the right client to experiment.

So… how do you send me home satisfied? How do you send any escort home satisfied, you want to be special don’t you?? So here’s the advise I can give you to be that one special guy.

Well gentlemen, listen up… because this advise does not only apply to only seeing elite courtesans like me, but to also your one-night-stands, your short or long-term girlfriends, or hopefully your ever long lasting love.

One of the biggest reasons relationships end, is because of the end of affection and not being satisfied. We all know, sex is an extremely important part of any type of relationship. So…. put your phone on silent… shut the door tightly and pay very careful attention to the next few following whispers…

Every woman is different, this is the first and foremost thing you should know. As much as you all like to think, we all get pleased by the same thing – we really do not. This is one of the things that makes men and women different from each other. Women are more mental, thus their needs are satisfied very differently from each other… some like it very sensual… some like it more aggressive… some like me are a bit vicious…some like roll-play, some like to mix it up and this one last very important part that you all will be very shocked to find out, believe it or not, we don’t all have orgasms the same way either. So my advise to you is to spend a few minutes getting to know your woman and what pleases her. Trust me your woman will appreciate that. How to do it, very simple, poor her a glass of wine, spend a minute or two to get to know her and make her very comfortable, and then ask her while looking her in the eyes so she can believe your sincerity in you:’what pleases me most is to send you home fully pleased. So tell me, how can I satisfy you tonight?’

And gentleman it is that complicated and yet that simple… cause believe me… if you have already made her feel comfortable with you, then she will tell you without a hesitation. Because gentlemen most women out there are not satisfied with their sexual life.

For me personally, I like to start on top, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl and then finish in doggy style. That’s the way I have the most ultimate orgasm, I also like to point out that I like to start a bit slow and sensual and then get a bit rough by the end of it. So start by treating me like a lady at the beginning and then man handle me as you finish me off.

So… tell me… the gentleman that’s reading this article… how did you satisfy your woman tonight?

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20 Sexy Role Play Ideas From High Class Toronto Escorts by Ava Rose

You won’t be able to keep your hands off each other, according to our high class Toronto Escorts.

Being in a healthy long-term relationship is wonderful. It means you always have someone there for you — to be your best friend, your shoulder to cry on and permanent dinner date. Best of all? You always have someone to have sex with.

The one drawback to sleeping with the same person over and over and over again is that it’s easy to get stuck in a routine. Luckily, there are tons of ways to change it up, without going too far outside of your comfort zone. From new positions to new places, sex never has to get boring. One way to shake it up a bit? Role play.

Taking on a new identity in the bedroom might sound a little daunting at first, but it’s fun — promise!

Here are 20 role play ideas to get you started.

1. The Repairman

You’ve got a leak to fix and your partner’s the only one who’s got the right wrench. (OK, OK, I can hear the eye rolls — but this one is surprisingly fun and simple for beginners!)

2. Professor/Student

For anybody who had a little teacher fetish in their early twenties, this role playing situation is more fun than cliche.

3. Stripper

Pick your favorite sexy song, slide on some lacy lingerie, then sway your hips and let yourself give the perfect lap dance.

4. Porn Star

Pick a porn you both like and reenact it together.

5. On-Camera Porn Stars

Kick the previous idea up a notch and actually film yourselves having sex. Not only will it turn you both on, it will ensure you two will be at the top of your game.

6. Cheerleader/Football Player

If you’re already trying out the porn star thing, you might as well try a role playing situation familiar to it!

7. Strangers At A Bar

Arrive separately to the same bar, flirt a little bit with other people, then eventually go and talk to one another like you’re strangers. This will get the feelings flowing as you start to remember exactly what drew you to each other in the first place.

8. Dominant/Submissive…

Do a bit of playful spanking and some light hair-pulling to determine if you want to go further.

9. …Then Switch!

One of the best things about having sex with somebody you love is that you two can explore your options together. Of course, if one isn’t comfortable with a specific role, then certainly don’t push yourselves into it, but if you are feeling flexible, changing it up could be fun.

10. Role-Reversal

Is your partner usually on top? Then this time, you take over the upper role and dictate the conversation your bodies are having.

11. Your Favorite Movie

Regardless of what it is, if you two have a sex scene or film you find particularly entrancing, act it out with one another and see how it feels.

12. Crooner

If one of you is particularly good at singing, you could try doing a little private performance featuring a seductive song. For example, nobody could resist the charms of Portishead’s “Glory Box” no matter how hard they try.

13. Fireman

It is a well-known fact that everyone who has ever worked for every fire department ever has been unreasonably hot.

14. The Control Freak

Have one of you lie down and the other do whatever he or she wants — kissing, licking, even light tickling — until the person lying on the bed is begging for more.

15. Client/Call Girl

Let your partner list exactly what he or she wants as you act like like a call girl who’s there to cater to their every need.

16. Hollywood Starlet

You play the sexy star and your partner can be your secret admirer. Do your hair, do your makeup, put yourself in a fancy gown and let your inner diva nature go wild.

17. Chef And Server

Don’t make just any dishes — only make foods you can feed to your partner by hand.

18. Masseuse

Snag some sexy massage oil, light a few candles and give one another massages until you’re both feeling smooth, silky and ready to be touched further.

19. Voyeur

Watch your partner masturbate for an extended period of time to increase tension and enjoy the view.

20. Exhibitionists

Speaking of enjoying the view, if you two are into the idea of being watched, imagine you have a little audience made up of people you both find hot.

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Sex + a Nap = the Snap! by Ava Rose

An afternoon quickie followed by a snooze? It’s a health-boosting combo.

Leave it to country music star Carrie Underwood to combine the two best damn things that go down in the bedroom – sex and napping – into the latest pleasure-seeking trend: the Snap! (At least, that’s what coined it in a recent interview with E!) Not only does this back-to-back lazy Sunday (or any day) activity sound ideal, but science proves it has some mind-body benefits.

When you’re connecting with your partner, your cortisol (or stress hormone) levels decrease and feel-good  chemicals, like oxytocin and dopamine, increase – all of which relaxes your mind and sets you up for a snooze, says women’s health specialist Saralyn Mark, MD

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My girlfriend and I are ambitious and want to orgasm together. by Ava Rose

Although it does help that you two are working with the same equipment – so you have a better gauge of what she might like – that’s not going to cut it. “Everyone, regardless of gender, has a different sexual arousal barometer,” says Dr. Rss. In other words, stimulation that revs you up quickly may not work as fast for your girlfriend. The key to finding where you two O-verlap? Communication…and positioning, of course. Lie on your sides, face-to-face, and rub each other’s clitoris with your fingers, Dr. Ross suggests. With your faces that close, you can take breaks from making out to inform each other of how close you are in climaxing…until you both can’t talk at all.

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Get Into The Groove by Ava Rose

What’s even more important than a hot position in the bedroom? A steady beat, baby! Learn the tempo technique that will have you hitting a high note every time.

Whether your partner is a brand-new mate or so familiar you could sketch his nether regions from memory, you want to establish one crucial thing during sex: a flow that can get you both off. New research shows that rhythmic stimulation—aka hitting the same spots at a consistent speed and pace—can heighten your senses and focus during the deed. You know that trance like state you fall into while dancing or doing yoga? Like that. Except, in this case, it is totally erotic and can culminate in your biggest climax yet. Grab your guy and start perfecting your sexual timing with these expert pointers.

Sync Your Libidos

To find bedroom synchronicity, you’ll first have to choose a good time. For men, testosterone builds up overnight—which is why they’re usually all about a.m. sex, says Alisa Vitti, a functional nutritionist and founder of the virtual hormone health center Women’s hormones, on the other hand, fluctuate within our menstrual cycles. On the days you’re ovulating, estrogen and testosterone are at peak levels, fueling your desire and down­there lubrication, says Vitti, so that’s the optimal time to be on the same libidinous page as your man. At other moments, compromise is key. Try hav­ing sex on a stroll-in-late-to-work weekday morning when you have the energy to put something besides a bagel inside you. The next day, do it after work, and set the scene right when you get home, suggests sex therapist Holly Richmond, PhD. “Light some candles and have a glass of wine.”

A little flirting also goes a long way. “My husband is “Let’s have sex after we get in bed’ person” says Gaby, 26 from Toronto, Ontario. She helps him get on her earlier horny schedule by warming him up during dinner. “I’ll kiss him while he’s washing dished or bend over a lot while I’m cooking” she says. Over time, such small, suggestive moves can help line up your sec drives.

Match Your Breathing

Focusing on your breath keeps you connected to and in control of your body. In the same way, dovetailing your airflow patterns with your dude’s can help you naturally regulate the pace of your romps. Start in a tight position, like spooning, where you can easily coordinate breaths, then have him thrust to the speed of your inhales and exhales, suggests Richmond. If he breaks that pace and starts wildly jackhammering (hello, darkness, my old friend), reach back and grab his hips to direct him. Staying in stride is the trick to crossing the finish line at the same time. Need an assist? Stimulate your clitoris to the same beat. “I’ll get in cowgirl and touch myself as my boyfriend moves inside me,” says Laura 27, from Etobicoke. It always sends me over the edge.”

Add More Rhythm

Picture pushing someone on a swing for a long time. After a while, the movement becomes so automatic, you kinda lose your sense of awareness and just focus on the push-push-push, right? Well, the same repeated back-and-forth during sex is what leads to that euphoric state that moves all other thoughts out of your mind. making it easier to orgasm. Listening to music can help you nail this swing method because you can time your thrusts and beats. Plus women ranked good tunes as arousing as hearing X-rated moaning or visualizing fantasy scenarios, per one study. Other research shows that rhythm of a sexy song can help keep your mind in the moment.

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