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How to Tell If She’s Satisfied… or Not

Posted by Ava Rose in Escorts, Sex Tips

As a professional courtesan every single time I walk into a man’s private space whether it be for one hour or for a romantic evening the most interesting thing i find is that all though I’m there for their pleasure, they always want to know how to please me and send me home satisfied. I must admit, after being in this profession for just a little bit, it’s hard to satisfy a girl like me.

I have done it all, experienced it all and if I still haven’t been introduce to it, I’m certainly working on finding the right client to experiment.

So… how do you send me home satisfied? How do you send any escort home satisfied, you want to be special don’t you?? So here’s the advise I can give you to be that one special guy.

Well gentlemen, listen up… because this advise does not only apply to only seeing elite courtesans like me, but to also your one-night-stands, your short or long-term girlfriends, or hopefully your ever long lasting love.

One of the biggest reasons relationships end, is because of the end of affection and not being satisfied. We all know, sex is an extremely important part of any type of relationship. So…. put your phone on silent… shut the door tightly and pay very careful attention to the next few following whispers…

Every woman is different, this is the first and foremost thing you should know. As much as you all like to think, we all get pleased by the same thing – we really do not. This is one of the things that makes men and women different from each other. Women are more mental, thus their needs are satisfied very differently from each other… some like it very sensual… some like it more aggressive… some like me are a bit vicious…some like roll-play, some like to mix it up and this one last very important part that you all will be very shocked to find out, believe it or not, we don’t all have orgasms the same way either. So my advise to you is to spend a few minutes getting to know your woman and what pleases her. Trust me your woman will appreciate that. How to do it, very simple, poor her a glass of wine, spend a minute or two to get to know her and make her very comfortable, and then ask her while looking her in the eyes so she can believe your sincerity in you:’what pleases me most is to send you home fully pleased. So tell me, how can I satisfy you tonight?’

And gentleman it is that complicated and yet that simple… cause believe me… if you have already made her feel comfortable with you, then she will tell you without a hesitation. Because gentlemen most women out there are not satisfied with their sexual life.

For me personally, I like to start on top, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl and then finish in doggy style. That’s the way I have the most ultimate orgasm, I also like to point out that I like to start a bit slow and sensual and then get a bit rough by the end of it. So start by treating me like a lady at the beginning and then man handle me as you finish me off.

So… tell me… the gentleman that’s reading this article… how did you satisfy your woman tonight?