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Koreatown is an ethnic enclave in Toronto, Ontario, Canada known for its Korean organizations. It is situated along Bloor Street amongst Christie and Bathurst Streets in Seaton Village. The selection of a more liberal migration approach by the Canadian government in 1967 prompted an inundation of Korean foreigners, a large number of whom settled in the Toronto territory. For sure, Toronto has the biggest single convergence of Koreans in Canada with very nearly 50,000 living in the city, as per the 2001 Census. Many of them settled in the Bloor and Bathurst range, and a little while later, a little Korean business neighborhood risen along Bloor Street, fixated on the crossing point of Bloor and Manning Avenue. Eateries, bread shops, blessing shops, markets, and travel organizations started to open up, the vast majority of which taken into account the Korean-Canadian community. Today, albeit numerous Koreans work in the locale, not very many Koreans in reality live in Koreatown.

An area of Koreatown at night

Preceding the deluge of Korean foreigners in the 1980s, the area of Bloor West of Bathurst was vigorously populated by individuals from Central and South America.

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