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Queen Street West portrays both the western branch of Queen Street, a noteworthy east-west lane, and a progression of neighborhoods or business areas, arranged west of Yonge Street in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Queen Street starts in the west at the crossing point of King Street, The Queensway, and Roncesvalles Avenue. It develops eastbound in a straight line to Yonge Street where it moves toward becoming Queen Street East; eastward Queen TTC streetcars circle at Neville Park Boulevard close Queen Street East and Victoria Park Avenue in The Beaches neighborhood.

Queen Street was the cartographical benchmark for the first east-west roads of Toronto’s matrix example of significant boulevards. The western end of Queen (once in a while basically alluded to as “Queen West”) is presently best known as an inside for Canadian telecom, music, design, execution, and the visual expressions. In the course of the last a quarter century, Queen West has turned into a universal expressions focus, and a noteworthy vacation spot in Toronto.

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