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I was back in town for business. I did my homework and stumbled upon Ava Rose & Company. I had not, used this service before so i called before my trip to ensure Ciara’s availability for an outcall the night of my arrival. Everything worked out and at the time agreed upon I headed to the lobby to meet this young woman. I stood next to the elevators that has a view of the front door but set back enough that I was inconspicuous. I always worry about running into a colleague who, might be staying at the same hotel but it has never happened. Soon enough I saw a young woman in a pair of jeans and a casual top carrying a small bag on her shoulder come through the front door. She looked over for me as I had instructed, our eyes met and she smiled and approached. My first impression was that, damn, she is young…LOL …and my second impression was just how naturally attractive I found Ciara. When she reached me we stepped right into the elevators and had a bit of small talk as we ascended to my room. Ciara had a really sexy and playful smile on her face the entire time and it was a real turn on.

Great time with Ciara and I will repeat.

Ava Rose and Company is very professional and discreet agency with top models. I’ve been a regular customer with Ava for over 2 years and have never had a disappointment. All of their girls are well educated, polite, respectful, and incredibly. I also contact other agencies but Ava Rose is always the first agency I contact to see who they have available.

This was the second time I saw Stella, who is a very charming and sexy blonde escort from Ava Rose and Company in Toronto.  She is a very pretty woman with an incredible body and a very adventurous spirit. I contacted Ava Rose to arrange an appointment with Stella via email. The next day I received an email from Ava confirming my appointment with Stella. I had one small request and that was for Stella to dress casually to keep her arrival very discreet. Upon arrival, she looked like a door-to-door sales woman or a real-estate – which was perfect! Stella stayed for the full 2 hours and made every minute count!

I usually book dates with independent providers and tend to avoid agencies, but I was very happily surprised on how easy and professional this agency was. I sent them an email with a very detailed introduction and plenty of references about a week before I wanted to meet Paris, and they replied very fast with plenty of information and giving me options to set the date. I was able to set an afternoon two hour date. I waited with anticipation to meet the beautiful Paris, as I have read her other reviews and her photos, even if they are very good and an excellent representation of her, don’t make her justice. She is way more beautiful in person and she has an incredible body.

Recently spent time with Zara. I was referred to Ava from a good friend of mine. This agency was easy to book through one of their operators. I provided where I was located along with my unit and buzzer. She showed up on time, did take a few minutes to get let in though. Zara has a gorgeous face, model type, and an Brazilian accent to boot. We had a few drinks while we chatted too, which was a nice touch as it seemed to help her open up.

She’s definitely a little shy and takes time to warm up, and the conversation isn’t super deep. I don’t know if it’s whether she’s shy or just isn’t the biggest talker. Started out talking for a bit and then she started a shower for me and from there I’ll leave it at that 🙂

This was my first time booking an escort through a Toronto agency and given it’s legal status and commonness, it was quite easy and straightforward. I found Ava Rose and Company online and decided to use their live chat and asked a few questions and the woman recommended Tori. She told me the price and confirmed other details and she told me that she needs to  call me back at the hotel to confirm I’m in my room. Within 5 minutes, my hotel phone rang and she said that Tori was on her way.

Tori arrived within 30 minutes at my door and when I opened the door, there stood an amazingly beautiful, gorgeous woman dressed to kill. She introduced herself and I invited her in… It was an amazing experience and I would absolutely book her again.

It’s been awhile since the last time I visited Toronto and I had a hankering for a statuesque blonde. Decided to contact Ava Rose to setup an appointment for an hour session with Hollie.

Arrived on time, and Hollie was wearing exactly what I requested. The time spent together was absolutely worth while and I will probably repeat the next time I visit Toronto.

“I saw Madison the other day (Sept 28 2016) for the first time at my condo. I was a little skeptical at first so I asked her if I could meet her in the lobby instead of her coming straight up upon arrival. When I met her in the lobby, my heart dropped and couldn’t believe how incredibly gorgeous she was. She greeted me with a harm hug and a kiss on the cheek as if we knew each other for years. The whole time she made me feel comfortable about speaking to her about whatever was on my mind. I can’t wait to see her again.”

Natasha is an amazing woman. Her persona and filled hearted soul was pleasant and rejuvenating to be around. She’s stunning in areas of her personality and left me thinking about her all day the day after. I’ll never forget the experience I had with her.”

“I saw Ava again Friday morning, after a long absence. I can’t understand why I waited so long. She’s beautiful, and seems to enjoy herself as much as the client. When she entered the room I couldn’t believe I have gone anywhere else. The time I spent with her was amazing and without providing details let’s just say I was very. very satisfied with my session. Can’t wait to repeat.”

“Many thanks for coordinating the date with Chloe. She is much more lovely in person. Her personality is fantastic and we only had probably the most wonderful occasion together – like two previous flames re-igniting some wonderful wonder. “

Bree is just an amazing person, beside a beautiful young woman with wonderful hazel eyes that can melt any bystander. I cannot thank Alena enough for suggesting her, because she was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you Bree I had a fantastic evening with you that I will never forget. I wish you all the best because you deserve it.”

“Hello Ava Rose, Jessica was a great company and a lovely lady. During my stay in Toronto, I must admit, spending time with Jessica was definitely the high light of my visit to Toronto. I loved being with her. When you next talk with her, please let her know that I am very pleased to have found her and look forward to seeing her again when I come back to Toronto. Thank you for looking after the arrangement. Kind regards, T. “

“What an amazing date! Ruby is an excellent lady and I had so much fun with her, she really knows how to treat a man very well. And she is stunningly beautiful! Her pictures do not do her justice because in person she is extremely gorgeous. I would love to see her again. Thank you Ava Rose & Company. “

Jessica is a dream!!!”

“Hi, I wanted to drop you a quick note to say thanks for arranging Meghan and to let you know that I had an amazing time, perhaps my best time ever. Many thanks”

“Excellent woman with a Ukrainian butt and a sweet smile. Smooth skin. Bree smells so good. Both hot and shy, on demand I would say. Wonderful talent. Highly recommended.”

“Excessively, I write an evaluation on her behalf here because she deserves it therefore much. She’s just as in the images. She’s not just beautiful, but gentle and also very kind. The conference was just great. Great good top companies. I love you Bree and I aspire to meet you the next time in Toronto! “

“My very first time with Ariana, for whatever reason I usually missed her the nights she was available. It had been definitely worth the wait. The appointment I had with her was very fascinating, true GFE. Besides that, she’s also cute, she has the sweetest smile and speaks good English so discussion is simple. First time, not at all the final time! “

Natasha may be the among the most useful companions I’ve ever met. She is recommended by me. Her pictures are one hundred thousand true, she’s ravishing with her a nice skin and her incredible body. She’s cheerful and very pleasant. She’s a professional and it can be felt by you throughout her massage. I’m very in order to generally meet her. Thank you Natasha for the visit with me.”

“A couple of days have past now since I have met Sky. I’ll always remember what happened on that day. She was simply great but two hours were perhaps not enough… I had an amazing birthday! “

“Highly recommended. Bree is extremely sexy and hot – perfect service and very sweet and funny. 3 hours flew by.”