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Roncesvalles/ˈrɒnsəsveɪlz/(or Roncesvalles Village) is an area in the city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada fixated on Roncesvalles Avenue, a north-south road driving from the crossing point of King and Queen Streets toward the south, north to Dundas Street West, a separation of around 1.5 kilometers. It is found east of High Park, north of Lake Ontario, in the Parkdale-High Park commonplace and government ridings and the civil Ward 14. Its casual limits are High Park toward the west, Bloor Street West toward the north, Lake Ontario/Queen Street West toward the south and Lansdowne Avenue/rail hall toward the east. Originally known as ‘Howard Park’, the greater part of this region was once in the past inside the limits of Parkdale and Brockton towns and was attached into Toronto in the 1880s.

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