Toronto Escorts
Age 23
Ethnicity British/Scottish
Hair Blonde
Height 5’7
Measurements 32B-22-32
About Me

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Bella!

She is a sassy, sexy, and smart blonde who loves to engage in deep conversation, while simultaneously drinking a smooth bottle of red wine. Although Bella has obtained her masters degree in Religious Studies and 19th Century History, does not mean you cannot begin a history between you and her today. Bella’s fair skin, exotic eyes, and long legs is enough to make anyone feel the need to explore the endless possibilities and intimate connections they could have with her. Whether those connections develop from a one-on-one dinner date, late-night sleepover, or an extended vacation, she might be just the lady you have been searching for: respectful, but also just a little bit naughty.

Bella will be awaiting your call.