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Yorkville is a princely neighborhood in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is generally limited by Bloor Street toward the south, Davenport Road toward the north, Yonge Street toward the east and Avenue Road toward the west, and is considered some portion of ‘The Annex’ neighborhood formally. Built up as a different town in 1830, it was attached into Toronto in 1883. Yorkville is different, involving neighborhoods, office space, and a variety of shopping choices.

Inside the Yorkville region is one of Canada’s most restrictive shopping areas, tied down by the Mink Mile along Bloor Street. In 2006, Mink Mile was the 22nd most costly road on the planet, with rents of $208 per square foot. Yorkville had rents of $300 per square foot in 2008, making it the third most costly retail space in North America. In 2008, the Mink Mile was named the seventh most costly shopping road on the planet by Fortune Magazine, asserting inhabitants can pull in $1,500 to $4,500 per square foot in deals.

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